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We've forgotten that things like the Geneva convetions were supposed to be followed by both sides, but in cases where one party doesn't follow them there must be no mercy. America isn't the greatest at following the Geneva convetions in my opinion, but they're a lot gentler than they need to be.


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but in cases where one party doesn't follow them there must be no mercy.

If the USA operated like this, there would be world peace.

But no- we can't just defeat the enemy. We have to defeat them on their terms. We have to defeat them, and then fucking pick them back up and put them back together. There's a video taken by insurgents that perfectly illustrates this lunacy: the video shows an American soldier pacing around in front of a vehicle. You can hear sand-nigger-speak in hushed voices from behind the camera.

Suddenly, you hear a shot fired. The US soldier goes down, jumps back to his feet and runs for cover. The soldier who was shot was a medic. His unit identified where the shot came from, and after a brief chase and firefight, the shooter and cameraman were caught.

The shooter was shot a few times. The US Army medic who was shot then rendered aid, and likely saved the life of the savage who shot him in the chest. The medic was extremely lucky in that the bullet did not pierce his vest. But this scenario is a microcosm for how we conduct wars in general. Our enemy is willing to use horrific, underhanded tactics- ambushes, random sniping, and so forth.

But we lack that will. Our morality and empathy is our greatest weakness. Rather than let the fucking murderer bleed to death in a ditch (AKA, justice), we have to spend valuable medical resources to fix him up.

War used to be about killing the enemy, until you've killed enough of them to break the remaining enemy's will. Now it's about "optics", it's about looking like the "good guy". War is fucking dirty. Killing is dirty. We need to stop pretending that it isn't.