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Anyone want to tell me what would be the killing factor for the abrams tank cew? Overpressure from the explosion or actual penetration of the hull? IIRC abrams have that explosive reactive armor plating so I wonder if that had anything to contribute to the fireball.

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I'm pretty sure they take out the depleted uranium armor on export models. Not sure if it's replaced with steel (doubt it) or composite. This tank is lacking the remote gun turret so it probably didn't have the TUSK kit so the ERA side skirts wouldn't be present. Not that they would have helped here.

You see these sort of tactics all over the middle east because for whatever reason, they refuse to deploy tanks with an infantry compliment in urban locations. Of course given the complete lack of any kind of activity, I'd wager this tank had been abandoned for whatever reason.

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Yeah Iraqis got all our old shit. Most of these were probably sitting around the training bases. I know we were giving them our soft shell Humvees.

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If the hatches we're closed even in an export model abrahms the crew would likely survive that type of blast. If the hatches are open they are exposed to over pressure temperature and shrapenal and potentially igniting the tanks own ammunition.

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Essentially shrapnel and the explosion.

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Broken neck from their entire tank being spun sideways in a fraction of a second.