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Who died? Why would they let that car get that close to the tank?

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Seems like a training video. All that panning and zooming from an areial view strikes me as staged. Plus who lets one truck through? Either there would be normal traffic or there wouldn't

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Agreed too much zoom animation and looks like something from command and conquer

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I can show you 50 such videos. Its real. Usually they don't just stand there, instead they run while shooting back. But this is a civil war, and any car or person anywhere quickly turns from random civilian minding his business, to ISIS suicide bomber.

As for the video quality and animations....US ans Israel founded AL Qaeda, and ISIS members are recruited from their ranks, and supported and supplied indirectly like that.

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Exactly. There's so much wrong here with opsec.

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The driver of the car.

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That view and clarity....Don’t tell Michael Bay . . .

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Knocking out a M1 is not hard ... you just have to get close to it.

All these people saying that if SHTF then the M1s could control cities but they are 100% wrong.

All M1s would be knocked out in a couple of days. They are not designed as urban warfare tanks.

They are good at what they were designed to do.

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Humans with opposing thumbs is the water that seeps into the cracks no machine can manage.

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Can't beat an M1 for open field engagements, particularly desert.

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Yeah, we'll all meet at the desert.

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Anyone want to tell me what would be the killing factor for the abrams tank cew? Overpressure from the explosion or actual penetration of the hull? IIRC abrams have that explosive reactive armor plating so I wonder if that had anything to contribute to the fireball.

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I'm pretty sure they take out the depleted uranium armor on export models. Not sure if it's replaced with steel (doubt it) or composite. This tank is lacking the remote gun turret so it probably didn't have the TUSK kit so the ERA side skirts wouldn't be present. Not that they would have helped here.

You see these sort of tactics all over the middle east because for whatever reason, they refuse to deploy tanks with an infantry compliment in urban locations. Of course given the complete lack of any kind of activity, I'd wager this tank had been abandoned for whatever reason.

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Yeah Iraqis got all our old shit. Most of these were probably sitting around the training bases. I know we were giving them our soft shell Humvees.

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If the hatches we're closed even in an export model abrahms the crew would likely survive that type of blast. If the hatches are open they are exposed to over pressure temperature and shrapenal and potentially igniting the tanks own ammunition.

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Essentially shrapnel and the explosion.

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Broken neck from their entire tank being spun sideways in a fraction of a second.

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I wonder how many people there grow up thinking when I grow up I want to be a suicide bomber. 1 car +1 bomb + 1 human life = one tank ?? Not in my calculations it aint.

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Horrible Cordon. Shoot have been lit up early as fuck... but alas... ROE... hope the iraqis learned a lesson

This is how my Col died over there. One car parked on the main road all day.... dude just sweating in there. Finally see the convoy and got him.

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This is how the West is expected to fight wars today. With one hand tied to our balls, and the other tied to a pamphlet with detailed info on RoE.

And while we bicker over the rules, our enemies are training their children for suicide bombings and school shootings.

We look really fucking stupid to them. I know this, they've told me this. They laugh at how we play by rules that they would never abide by; this defeats the purpose of RoE. The whole idea is that BOTH SIDES WILL ABIDE BY THIS SET OF RULES. If one side doesn't, the RoE and Geneva bullshit should be ignored.

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Rules are for the civilized. Not the barbarians.

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We've forgotten that things like the Geneva convetions were supposed to be followed by both sides, but in cases where one party doesn't follow them there must be no mercy. America isn't the greatest at following the Geneva convetions in my opinion, but they're a lot gentler than they need to be.

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The only way to win against terrorists is to level and clear. Leave nothing to secure. No Bridges, no roads, no airports, no water, no food.

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Kind of an direct correlation to how George Washington defeated the fucking Benedict Arnolds by not using conventional warfare. rules only work when they are needed by all groups. The moment that one doesn’t play by the rules then an unfair advantage is gained.

Yes, they laugh at us and that shit. But in the end if they poked us too hard we would fuck it up

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Somebody didn't say their 'Hearts and Minds' prayer today...

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Alahu akbar

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Vehicle B- Improvised Explosive Device?

[–] Snort 1 points 19 points (+20|-1) ago 

Visual Basic Improvise Explosive Device.

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Fucking microsoft.

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Vehicle-borne IED

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Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device

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Vehicular-borne IED

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