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Cool. Do they have ones where there's food inside to absorb it?

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Did you make this? Are you using Comsol?

Put something metal in it!!!

Do one for something with high complex permittivity like Gold and one with something with high permeability like Iron!

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So thats why food is hot on the outside and frozen on the inside.

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Of course in practice, a microwave oven needs a lot more than 8 nanoseconds to start emitting. It actually takes several hundred miliseconds because the cathode of the magnetron needs to heat up

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Gif for iPhone cucks https://jackie.infra.cloudconvert.com/download/~ypc7-BX0XHwXN6hdtJZryjlamFM

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That's cool.

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Neil Tyson Degrasse has done nothing officially scientific for science.

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Neither has Michio Kaku or any of the other pop science heads. They are 'science popularizers', not actual scientists.

I was originally very disappointed when I learned Michio was full of shit, but his books and shows helped kindle my own interest in physics, so I'm not that disappointed. Star Wars is similar, in that the guys who grew up watching it actually reified the then-fictitious ion engine.

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Michio is a cofounder of string field theory.

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But he is black, so he's cool. At least that's the narrative.

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Nothing to do with this post

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