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Usually this happens in China, but this incident took place in Turkey. Machines like elevators and escalators are amazingly reliable ... if they are properly maintained by intelligent, well-trained and responsible mechanics. You almost never see this kind of accident in a Western nation for this reason. But our standards are falling, thanks to non-white imigration and illegal immigration and falling school standards and affirmative action. It won't be long before these incidents will be common in Europe and America. Mark my words, and wait 10-20 years.

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If escalators were fed regularly the man wouldn't have been swallowed and this wouldn't happen - Fact

ahaha comment on that page

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Students of escalator psychology tell us this sort of thing is to be expected when you tresspass on their territory.

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Holy fuck, that is some exceptionally fucking shitty luck!

He should avoid buying a lottery ticket that day. Or perhaps the intensity of bad luck might amplify his lotto odds, I'm not sure. I'll need to do further research.

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Dead. Bet.

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so scary