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Plants are alive! Checkmate vegans

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Life feeds on life, there is no way around this. Vegans are narcissistic, bigoted eaters. Who are they to say one life is okay to consume and others are not? They wilfully move themselves down the food chain, and are honestly sub-human.

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They have always been alive.....but then the tard response from vegans is, they are going to die anyways......and I say, so are animals going to dies anyways..., morons.....lol. You harvest plant, you kill plant. Checkmate vegans.

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I don't give a fuck about an animal's temporary pain, if it tastes delicious. Checkmate faggots.

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wouldn't be the first time a fruit turned into a vegetable

thanks AIDS!

[–] 77777 10 points 6 points (+16|-10) ago 

Intelligently designed! Praise God!

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Simple case of this plants ancestors surviving better than plants that didn't do this.

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Prove it, with evidence. I dare you.

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The entire cosmos screams intelligent design.

[–] Buff_Awesome 4 points 7 points (+11|-4) ago 

I must be deaf then, because I can't hear it.

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I'm sure being killed by communists, getting raped and murder for unorthodox ideas 99% of the time in 99% of places is ''intelligent design'' go fuck yourself. This is more like a random failed abortion

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I'm willing to roll with a celestial science experiment as a possibility. Especially the part with the 'big bang' is hard to rationalize otherwise. However if it was all just for us with a endlessly capable creator behind it, I'm pretty sure it could have been done smaller and more efficient.

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Can the designer do anything other than Rube Goldberg machines?

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The soundtrack to their growth

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I see a couple wandering beaners.

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I haven't seen Jack yet.

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Brilliant. Thanks for posting this.

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I wonder if it would spin counter on the southern hemisphere.

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