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I love dirt biking. This is why I refuse to ride street bikes. I have seen, in person, 4 people on bikes die due to shitty drivers (always women, yet they still have lower insurance rates somehow...)

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I get pissed at people who tell young bicyclists to ride on the street rather than the sidewalk. Why is that a law? Oh you're scared that you might get bumped into by a 12 year old on his bike? Tough shit. I've seen too many stories of bicyclists getting killed by drunk or texting drivers. I've never seen a story of someone getting killed by a bicyclist.

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As a person in Oregon, I hate bicyclists because we pay for a 4ft+ bicycle lane, yet they feel they have the right to ride in the middle of the road either way. They double up, and ride side by side in the middle of the road, or feel like they belong there anyway even when it is a 65 mph highway. They think they have a "right of way" some how when they are forcing people to barely miss eachother when you come around a corner to miss them. For me personally, I am tired of the spandex mafia, and am more than ready to take them out when they are in my lane. I would rather take out a bicyclist than have a head on with another vehicle. If they don't have a lane, they shouldn't be there.

If thrre isn't a bike lane that I paid for with my taxes, you do not belong there as a bicyclist. If you think you belong there, advocate for taxes as a bicyclist to pay for your own lanes. Otherwise, drive the speed limit, stay in your own lane, or die.

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I have been saying this for years too brother. I refuse to follow those dangerous laws, and my family does the same. It's a bit easier to get away with that if you don't live in a city.

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As a postman who rides a bike on footpaths for a living... I can say with considerable experience... Most people are not looking, paying attention, shitty drivers and will hit you in a moment. The road is generally safer than a footpath however. Most postman in Australia are injured by cars reversing out of driveways.

Edit 1. Spelled shitty wrong.

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because when they get to an intersection, bikes on sidewalks are so much faster than pedestrians that they come out of nowhere. What bothers me is when people ride bikes against traffic.

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yet they still have lower insurance rates somehow...

Women have more accidents per mile, but they spend less time on the road on average because most commercial drivers are men.

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Commercial VS private metrics are reckoned separately, surely. Men drive more in general

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Heh... true, and sad. It is no wonder there are many pretwnding to change their gender just for the lower insurance rates. I would do the same if I lacked pride.

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"Guys, come pick me up. I'm done riding bikes"

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"Damn I knew I should have gotten a Ducati with the reverse blinker..."

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And that right there is why you dont ride motorcycles

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You mean "donor cycles", which is exactly what every ER calls them.

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So when a cop thinks everyone's a criminal because all they see at their job is criminals, law enforcement being the nature of their job and all, do you hork like a good little seal and clap your widdle flippers together too? Or do you evaluate the source of the comment and think that maybe, just fucking maybe, there may bet some flawed as hell bias at work? ER's are filled with smelly foreigners who quite literally can't tell left from right, respond to simple statements, or fill out their paperwork, and think Jamal twisting his limbs out of place playing sportsball makes him a chad hero. The "doror cycle" remark falls flat.

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If he was in a car, that would have been a head-on collision with likely fatalities on both sides.

It's funny how so many people's impulse here is to shift the blame from the driver, who is obviously speeding and not in control of his vehicle, to the biker, who is doing absolutely nothing wrong and stays in control even after being hit like that.

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No one's blaming the bike driver, just pointing out that you're much more likely to die from someone else's mistake on a bike.

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Lol salty faggot.

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I'm shifting no blame here, it was the cars fault. However death cares little for who was in the wrong. Had he been hit its almost a guarentee he would have died on the spot but with a car theres a chance of survival. Motorcycles, as cool and fun as they are, are still death traps.

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Also because you are too fat.

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I'm just big boned. Your mom likes my big bones.

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Go buy a lotto ticket.....

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Motorcycles are fun goats but too dangerous get your jollies in a rolling steel cage. Car versus deer, an inconvenience. motorcycle versus deer, a good chance of death or dismemberment. Car versus large pothole, possibly a flat tire inconvenience. motorcycle versus large pothole a good chance of death or dismemberment. etc etc

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I rode over an open manhole on a motorbike and the bike just went straight over it. Another time into a deep pothole and it destroyed my wheel but I was fine. Depends on your speed and type of bike I guess. That said, I no longer ride motorbikes on the street after several close calls. I think these days it's even worse than before, because of the people on cell phones etc. Like the other guy said dirt bikes are where it's at, I've come off heaps of dirt bikes and only ever had scratches and bruises.

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I dont think i will ever upgrade my 50cc bike, its all i need, i need no more power xD

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Biker sees his life flash before his eyes. Car guy is like "that sure was a big bug".

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This is why I ride, for moments like this.

If you want to step outside of the sanitized, spineless hugbox our modern society has created, this is what you need to experience.

It doesn't need to be on a motorcycle, but you do need it.

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I just bought a 50cc speedfight bike and i love riding ! What are these people on about, people die too in cars all the time lol !

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I just want to point out that if he had been in a car, he'd have have zero chance of avoiding that idiot.

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