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Obviously this faggot has never pissed outside.

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Pissing outside is one of the greatest pleasures of all manhood.

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Second only to drinking in the shower.

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Yes it is! So is writing shit in snow!

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Well, you don't need to have pissed outside to know that the stream coming out of bargain bin pepper spray sucks. You gotta special order military grade 1.33% capsaicinoid gel spray, that shoots about fifteen feet out of the bottle, and can work for up to two hours after application. Any gents here that have wives and daughters, don't buy shit spray.

Of course, something tells me that isn't what these shitheads were going for...

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That's the kind of info we need here. Thank you kind patriot!

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He probably has but he sits down when he pees.

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Play stupid games win spicy prizes.

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Its night though

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Stupid people ARE pretty entertaining at times.

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what on earth ? lol

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In all likelihood, the guy doing the spraying got a bigger dose of the spray than the volunteer.

Btw, on the subject of remedying pepper spray, don't use milk, don't use water- just fucking deal with it. It'll stop in about 15 minutes, you'll be fine and you won't look like a fucking idiot pouring milk all over your head.

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Yeah you're gonna want to do a flush of your eyes after getting pepper sprayed.. Definitely not with milk, but you don't want to just let it sit there..

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Edible fat/oil dissolves and carries away capsaicin and is generally compatible with eyes, unlike another option like ethanol. Milk has fat, cream would be better.

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Tear free shampoo. I have it in one of my go bags to help rinse out tear gas or mace.

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Milk works dipshit.

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Milk does help though.

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Sounds like a terrible idea. Running cool water on it is recommended.

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Makes it burn more.

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Both of these millennials need to die.

Destroy their lineage and we can continue to improve as a species.