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It looked like it has rear wheel steering at the end?

[–] WhiteRonin 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

That’s what I thought too!

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It does

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both front and back steer.

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It turns like a monster truck.

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It looks like magic but it's actually just physics: The jeep's center of gravity is significantly lowered by the driver's giant brass balls, which help keep it pressed against the incline.

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Makes me think of this , which you might enjoy if you haven't seen it.

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Going down at such a steep angle is freeaaaaky. I prefer working one wheel over big rocks or ruts at a time. Getting that degree of tippy is just... yeesh.

Unless you have massive test machinery, you probably never really know where your tipover point is until it's too late.

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You just have a buddy at the top of the hill hook up his winch and slowly let it out as you crawl over stuff. Old Toyota sr5 pickups actually came with dash mounted inclinometers from the factory. We used to compete to see how far we could get them. My crawler was on 40" tires with no lift so it would climb and descend at about 75 degrees and side hill at 50. It was a real mountain goat, and only cost $3k to build!


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Thats really cool, never knew Toyota made something like that for some of there older models. Now why doesnt Jeep install something like that?

[–] Broc_Lia 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

Keep in mind, rock strata aren't always perfectly horizontal. I think that's a steep incline rather than a cliff, and they just have the camera tilted.

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That's in Moab. I can't remember the exact trail. I've been down, and up it, in a built 85 yota. It's right about a 100% grade, maybe a little more, 45-60 degrees in some spots. Rock crawilng like that is probably the most scared a person can be at half a mile an hour. Huge adrenaline rush!

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That 4 wheel steering at the end was hot.

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Holy shit!

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If none of the parts that made this happen were from Jeep, is it still a Jeep?

t. Toyotafag

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Jeep owned by Chrysler owned by fiat.

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But my G.P.

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Spider Jeep!

Spider Jeep!

Does whatever a spider Jeep does!

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It's amazing what a $30,000 suspension can do.

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A decent welder/fabricator can do it in two weekends for $1500. ;) Throw in another $1200 and they can be portal axles too, using surplus hmmwv boxes.

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