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Props to the guy at the end who was smart enough to roll him into the recovery position so he doesn’t drown in his own puke.

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Let him die, charge his buddy for manslaught... two birds, one brick.

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screw him... he could have saved the taxpayers a fuck ton by just letting him drown

[–] EdSnowden 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

Maybe, maybe not. Lots of successful people who contribute massively to society have done stupid things.

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He's also an idiot for not restraining the man first, and stripping him of all bulky clothing, belts and possible weaponry, before administering assistance. He used a brick, sure, but he could have anything on him and wake up at any moment.

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No honor amongst thieves.

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No aim either.

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Wonder if the brick had ACME written on the side.

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Ok this cracked me up so bad on the bus. Thanks.

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Quick shake the guy that got smacked in the head with a brick now slap his face, the guy in the vest got lucky the other too weren't armed.

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good god lol

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Do like Breaking Bad and use thermite to melt the lock or security glass. The stuff isn't hard to make.

Edit:screw auto correct.

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Easy to make, but hard to spell apparently.

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You can thank auto correct for that. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Instructions unclear: What do I do with the termites?

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First, that people are stupid and take the path of least resistance. Second, that although it's easy to make basic thermite, it's both difficult to ignite and releases an incredible amount of light. It's blinding, and anyone using it has to do so with special protective wear. Third, that powdered thermite won't help you break through a lock. What you need are shaped cutting charges, and that's harder to make.

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It does depend on the grade of security door. In most places you can melt the outer lock off giving access to easily pop the door open. Provided you have the correct prying bars.

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It's so insanely easy to make I'm surprised more people don't know how, it's pretty useful too when you need to cut through things. For legal purposes, not to be a degenerate criminal. Got some aluminum? Got some rust? Got an ignition material? You've got thermite. Aluminum + iron oxide + like a strip of magnesium. The only hard part is getting the ratios right. Thermite has legitimate practical uses in everyday life when you understand it and how to do it safely. It's not like "mother of satan" acetone peroxide which has zero legitimate uses, is extremely easy to make, and will almost certainly cause you to blow yourself up from making. A lot of terrorists have removed themselves from the gene pool thanks to that concoction. I would rather a thief rolled up with thermite as opposed to a brick or baseball bat or something. Once the thermite is burned up it's gone, the bright flash and smoke could alert other people. A brick otoh doubles as an entering tool and a weapon

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If they were smart, they'd be committing fraud instead. If they were smarter than that, they'd commit large scale fraud, and fuck off to some country without an extradition treaty to retire comfortably.

And if they were really, really smart, they'd be politicians.

But they're not, and one idiot threw a brick at another idiot's head.

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