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There are times i respect the Chinese only cos they have little time for BS and dont fuck around, probably charge/arrest him or her for disturbing the peace and later sent to some re-education camp ...here an interesting one on Rense https://rense.com//general78/howchina.htm How China Negotiates With Kidnappers

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Very effective

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"I Use boots to step you from that ledge my friend

I could Cut ties within your spine as I shove you in.

And If you do not want to see me again. . . "

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He would understaaaaaaaand ;)

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I say let them jump.

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you are forgetting the cleanup side that takes effort, better to setup an option for people that want to go like suicide booths from futurama or maybe set appointments, just make it cheap as no one is going to spend much to end their life. Maybe have them sign a form turning over all their stuff and then send them to the next room for a quick effective death.

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100% guaranteed to work!

Jumpers hate him!

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I think something got lost in the translation. The landlord actually said "I want that bum Kicked out of the building".

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With a double footed drop kick to the face I will save thee!

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I guess he was going to the hospital anyways.

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Bro me and him would be fighting frfr

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