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The floor is lava, elimination round.

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I heard of a guy who did a wood varnish on a timber floor starting at the door, decided to continue and sleep in the closet and died. I think it was in one of those darwin award books.

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If this is what happens when narrowly avoiding wet paint, I would feel terrible for the guy who actually fell in it.

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When your the boss sometimes you pick the dumbest man for the job and just sit back and wait for it.

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I had to watch it like 4 times to try and figure out why the hell this guy was doing this... lol... well worth it! :)

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I especially liked the part where his head smashed the tail light of whatever vehicle he headbutted.

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My question is why did he have to do it.

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Dude seriously could have just stepped gently but in stead launched himself as high into the air as possible.

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strong head!!.. thats a brutal head butt!!... #zinadine zidane #stonecold