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I want to be chased by cops just to see how well I would do

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On foot or in car? If on foot then you didn't do enough living when you were young.

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Haha guess I didn't

I think I can out run a cop on foot easily. Car would be difficult especially if I'm being tracked by a helicopter.


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"It was a near an elementary school, but LUCKILY, no children were present."

Why even mention this then?

Oh, right. Fee Fees.

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These days there is a non-trivial risk of being shot in the back by a cop.

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I ran from one once when I was a cross country runner. He just sighed and turned around. Some just won't even bother.

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Username checks out

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I watched Steven Seagal Lawman, and there was one show where a nigger jumped out a second story window on to concrete and then ran off and was gone.

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Defendant: Why did i receive this ticket?

Judge: Illegally parked.

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There are no other cars in the parking lot except that Nissan, which is out in the open, and he nails it? He'd have trouble dodging asteroids in space.

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niggers and spics are becoming more bold in their criminality, while at the same time cops are becoming more incompetent.

the future's so bright I gotta wear shades build a bomb shelter.

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get heavily armed

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Tunnel vision.

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Not giving a fuck about collateral damage vision more like it.

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It is called pursuit tunnel vision. The officer was so focused on the fleeing suspect, they did not see anything else, including the only other car parked in the middle of the lot.

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That dumb ass cop just ran into someone's car for no fucking reason. I guess he thought that smashing the back end of the car would make the nigger stop running. They should take the cost of fixing both vehicles out of his paycheck for acting like a fucking idiot. Unfortunately it will be someone else's tax dollars that have to pay for it.

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Yep either way we are still paying for that cop and niggers bullshit.

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I think that guy was my Rocket League teammate.

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