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Dog trainer here. No reputable trainer would ever allow their dogs to come close to an open container of narcotics like heroine, meth, or cocaine. It doesn't take much to kill a dog when it comes to hardcore drugs.

What's happening is operant conditioning and playing off the endorphins that are produced when a dog is rewarded with treats. Each time the dog finds the training substance (and this can be applied to many different things, not just drugs) the handler praises the dog and treats the dog. With enough repetition of this, the dog will be conditioned to associate the smell with treats and praise.

If you've ever seen videos of dogs finding buried people, or drugs in cars, the handler will get very excited and praise the dog repeatedly, which is really just an extension of the training process. This makes it so that the dog craves their job, as it produces an endorphin rush (a 'high' if you have to call it that), and makes them eager to work.

This also works for dogs that aren't food driven. Some get a toy reward, a toy that's exclusive to their job and training.

Another important thing to note here is that while all dogs are capable of being trained like this, only a select few can really do the job right. It's not an issue of breed for the most part (certain breeds do have their advantages), but rather the connection between handler and dog, as well as the dog's biological reward system to an extent.


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Most drug dogs used by police are trained to signal on command. They're a "probable cause" factory on legs to let the cops violate your constitutional rights.


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Apparently they get addicted while still in the training phase.