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This is why you cut 3 times.

Edit: Seems I misremembered: http://onlinemanuals.txdot.gov/txdotmanuals/veg/images/veg_5-5.jpg

A small cut on the underside first to stop peeling, then most of the limb can be cut through. A final cut near the trunk to give a clean stump for easier healing.

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Can you explain the purpose of the 2nd cut a little more?

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When you cut down from the top the limb breaks at a certain point but some of the wood holds partially and sort of peels away. This makes the limb fall in an unpredictable way. You cut up from the bottom first so that when the limb breaks it falls cleanly down.

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He really ‘sticks’ the landing

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The tree's bark is worse than its bite.

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His career was just branching out in a new direction.

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I 'saw' that coming.

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Let's add cat pics and comment gold so we can make this a true reddit pun thread.

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Guide ropes are your friend

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This is VERY uncivilized! ECOFASCISM!!!

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reverse gif it?

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Oof. Doesn't like it was un-"optimized" before it was reversed.

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That's nice how that tree saved that man from hitting the ground. Even saved the chainsaw too.

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I think he branched his back.

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Look how his buddy holding ladder went to catch him.

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