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They should have another person helping pull them off the ladder, that's a bad way to die.

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Ill just stay on the boat another day

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You mean another one in addition to the guy in the white hat?

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Yeah, I would have two guys tied off to the deck ready to yank the person on the ladder as soon as they are in reach.

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Some guy from Nebraska joined the Coast Guard and was on the bow of the Point Hope, an 82' cutter, in rough seas off the coast of Texas engaged in a medevac with a tanker. The tanker was like a solid wall while the 82 footer was bobbing like a cork next to it. A wave sweep him off the deck... between the cutter and the tanker... sucked him under... the two ships slammed together... parted... slammed together again and the wave deposited the Coastie on the fantail of the Point Hope. He crawled across the deck and into the galley. He never went out again.

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I would never set foot on a boat again

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Nope nope, I would rather not switch ships like that.

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Invent the damned transporter already Mr. Scott.

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Transporters are suicide machines that build a clone of you after murdering you.

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unless they use some kind of warp bubble technology to actually fold space and move you. but yeah generally the disintigration factor of a teleporter seems like death to me.

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If your clone remembers everything about you, what's the difference?

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And that is OK because the sense of self is an evolved instinct. People with the "transported me is real me" allele can use the transporter to go on dates and find mates. People with the "transported me is somebody else" allele stay home and die childless.

Eventually the instinctive sense of self evolves embrace transporters. The crippling sense that "Transporters are suicide machines that build a clone of you after murdering you." fades into history as a psychological aberration that has mysteriously died out.

My comment is inspired by A problem with Cryonics which contains the most pretentious sentence in the history of pretension:

Once you have instincts that lead the mind to extrapolate down the world line of the physical body and which activate the reward system now according to those anticipated future consequences, it becomes natural to talk in terms of a 4-dimensional, temporally extended self, leaving behind the 3-dimensional, permanent now, of organisms with less advanced cognitive architectures.

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That's nothing:
2:00 to 2:51 https://hooktube.com/4nID4kbalKc

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I've done this a few times. Both from the boarding ladder to the pilot boat and vice versa. Much rougher going the other way, as you kinda have to do it to pilot the ship regardless of weather.

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That's asking to get crushed to death between hulls of ships. Balls of steel, but not worth the risk.

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At least the balls of steel wouldn't be crushed. That's probably what made those roundish dents in the side of the ship.

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What they don't show you is that its a fat-camp boat and the fatties are walking the deck, left to right.

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