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70 IQ is the reason blacks never built any lasting civilization

blacks have never had their great empire like Greece, Rome, Persia or Ancient china because Sub-Saharan Africans are intellectually inferior to every other ethnic group

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There's nothing wrong with 70 IQ. It's the (((people))) who pretend that it's 100+ and that they can live peacefully and productively in society that cause the problems.

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So what's your point? The man said lasting civilization. Where is Musa's empire now? Can I go tour his palace?

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Selling gold and beating other sub 70 IQ tribes is not diffcult.

Fucking 6 days old shill account who have no balls to post in your main account.

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Is this Wakanda?

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No... St.Louis.

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I was waiting for Black Panther to come save the keedz.

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I'm moving there soon

Just murder me now please

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Shit made da vibranium gots technologie in dat shit

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Look at the ground, just piles of filth.

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Those are the bystanders.

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caring about the environment is a white thing

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Fucking white people and their

*shuffling deck, picks card*

Caring about their children's future

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Is that the same guy that got a major award for building a jet plane by taping wings to a shopping cart or some shit?

Seems like the same level of ingenuity.

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And yet we are all the same, equal species. Okay.

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No, we're not. We're not equal and we're not the same. But you keep telling yourself that and running around virtue signaling because it makes you feel good.

Ignore reality and the evidence of the last 75 years.

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Ha, I was about to say this is there fourth attempt at making a helicopter.

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No, no, no. You're confusing him with the guy who cracks open bald people's heads to extract the gold.

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Some people say dismantling the only fresh water well to make a spinny ride was a bad idea...Wakanda Forever!!

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Hershey Park

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Wife and I were at the real Hershey Park 2 weeks ago with my Brother's family. Looked like half the rides were being operated by illegals and all of the kitchen/food prep staff were from south-of-the-border. Never again. Looks like HP is openly employing seasonal labor using illegals. ICE should raid the place. (..an they have the balls to charge you $53 +Tax to get into that place and another $15 just to park you car in their lot)

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It's as if they have the technology but not the intelligence to use it.

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Even the Chinese can't believe how dysfunctional they are: https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=mzyaa2tfwBk

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I could watch that asia nigger belittle and scold the nigger niggers all day long. That is probably a doc worth watching.

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Be sure to watch from 00:30-00:45 carefully. Chinese berates Negroid about his Country's lack of Structured Govt, an 'groid pauses, is confused, scratches his balls (!!) and makes up an excuse! (the old adage about how noggs grab their balls when confused is 100% TRUE - proof in the video - priceless!)

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The world is in for a very rude awakening when the Chinese take over and they don't need to act all nicey-nice anymore.

They are an unsentimental and ruthless people, without any custom of taking care of the poor and etc. Our culture gets that from Christianity. The Chinese have no such cultural baggage.

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I could be wrong... i think that was one of those water wells dug by white people and the pumping action was fun for the children to play with by pushing ir around. As you can see these is no water now..

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Thank you. The, to put it mildly, "low-rent" spin ride thing didn't quite jive with the workmanship of the mechanism that they were riding on.

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Same as the bridge thing. TL;DR: Bridge built by whites stands for hundreds of years, bridge collapses and they start using some nigger-rigged shit until a white man rebuilt it.

Edit: link

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Damn, that article doesn't mince words. Very interesting that the bridge wasn't repaired by blacks though.

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I knew someone that worked with foreign aid for Africa awhile back for their government. Basically their government after spending decades pouring money into Africa and realizing things never improved finally decided that the best way to help was instead of paying for stuff like wells and leaving, that they should also pay for maintenance and on-going education so things like power plants, roads, wells, etc. wouldn't fall into disrepair. I couldn't believe their level of innocence in assuming more education would solve stuff like this.

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the best way to help was instead of paying for stuff like wells and leaving, that they should also pay for maintenance and on-going education so things like power plants, roads, wells, etc. wouldn't fall into disrepair

So basically the solution was just to take care of them and spend money on them forever because they were incapable of learning how to take care of themselves.

Sounds very familiar.

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The question is why they won't just let those niggers die.

They are messing with natural selection. At this rate eventually world population would be 99% shitskins and humanity is ruined.

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