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Talk about an old school Indiana Jones haymaker, Dam that's awesome.

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The full 20 second exchange shows two antifa commies beating someone motionless on the ground with a steel baton (ASP). Mr. One Punch comes up to stop that shit, Mr LimpWrist hits him with the baton twice, drawing the fire and stopping the beating, disarms him, and knocks him out. The other commie flees. The gf is right there running xer mouth and tries to kick him, he isn't so blind with rage to not notice it was (possibly) a real female and restrains himself.

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Too bad, he should have wasted the bitch. I would have made sure she couldn't have had another abortion.

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I was waiting for him to whack her across the face with the baton he had taken from his attacker. She wanted to be at the "protest" and was engaged in the melee - there is no reason to discriminate on the basis of her gender.

The key to Soros' tactics is that they pay a small number of trouble-makers to stir things up. This is literally like a dozen people in a city. To make their numbers look bigger, they absolutely rely on the useful brainwashed idiots (unpaid) to show up for the cause. When these unpaid morons realize that there are real and painful consequences, 90% of them will stop showing up.

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There is no one who more blatantly takes advantage of gender privilege than a "tough bitch".

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I am surprised .... 9mm would force them to go to the hospital and then be arrested.... no deaths ( they should though )

Why is no one armed ?

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Isn't it hilariously awful? If his target had any idea what he was doing, there's no excuse to get hit by that punch. That's not "telegraphing", that's "sending a text message to you earlier that morning which says 'I'm going to punch you really hard with my right hand, hold still'".

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You should have seen them pick the dude up. He was knocked out so hard, when they tried to get him off the ground he came up in one full piece in stead of a lump of gooey human that couldn't control themselves. It was like watching several people pick up a log and drag it away.

THEN, they played victim and all their little "medics" crowded around the dude because of what happened. They eventually arrested this guy.

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He faked the hay-maker then threw a devastating right cross, fucking great.

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BAM! Right Cross to the jaw and it's like turning the brain off. The Antifa chump gets dropped like a bad habit.

Look at that big bastard, he's not missing leg day at the gym either and throws some weight into that haymaker. Note how the feminists there yank off their masks so they can play the 'pussy pass'? lol Mouthy as fuck bitches will always get dumbshit betas stomped. It's like kind of a natural instinct they have for starting shit to weed out the weak.

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Terrible punch- he lifts his leg off the ground during it, and the windup is fucking hilarious- some would say that's the joke here. He didn't need to know how to throw a cross like a boxer- just had to not be a soyboy faggot in general to physically dominate that wimp.

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If that was a bad punch, a good one would have been manslaughter.

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Says the guy who has never been in a street battle

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Beats the hell out of the moldy locks punch to the forehead.

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Haha yeah I agree, he seemed to change his mind on what kind of punch he wanted to throw mid air

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Amazing follow through. Punch and then push the corpse to the ground.

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I've heard of telegraphing a punch but this is more like 'save the date'.

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Well, he wasn't going anywhere.

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More like a wind up - think Roy jones JR

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It was enough.

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The antifa fag was going for an overhanded slap.

This stuff may as well be choreographed for the comic effect.

Slap. Really.

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He had a short bar of some sort in his hand. You can see the whitesleeves catch it and the attacker pretty much freeze waiting for him to let go, rather than blocking, wrenching it back, or anything.

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collapsible baton

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Dildo, double-sided

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He had some kind of small weapon in his hand. Maybe a keychain or something? I'm not sure.

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I believe you're right. They truly are pussies, so they know they can't fight without something to help them.

Mouth breathing mama's boys trying to live out a fantasy of being a man.

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A purse or maybe a clutch?

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Haha, except flabby ass antifa dude didn't have any muscle in his slap even if it had connected.

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All these trained pugilists will say otherwise but there is a REALLY big experience gap between someone who has had 1 street fight, and someone who has had none.

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HAHA That reminds me of an old Popeye cartoon, Bluto just beating the shit out of someone. I mean that literally. When you KO people they often shit themselves. If I was a betting man, I'd bet on that guy dirtying his diaper. He is not a fighter. I'm pushing 40 and doubt I'd get hit by something like that, especially if i was expecting it. Hopefully Xe learns his lesson and decides to go get a job and move out of his mom's house. He can do all that after the wires are removed from his jaw.

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> when you get your ass beat in your own leftist strongholds

> but then you remember that you don't have strongholds because you're pathetically weak

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This is why we fucking lift boys good job.

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