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That was quite satisfying. Great post.

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what kind of missile is that?

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Something improvised.

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That's my guess as well- at first glance it almost looks like a "Javelin", but it's more likely some kind of mortar launch system cobbled together with rocket launch parts.

Remarkably effective, isn't it? At least when they fire as they're supposed to- these improvised rocket launches are.... iffy at best. Lots of great footage of misfires and backfires.

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Not sure, but we need to sell some of those to the jews.

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Hell, sell more to the kebabs too! Let those two semetic pig races kill each other off.

Or, in this case ... themselves.

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An improvised heavy rocket. Sandniggers take old 122mm soviet rockets (which the Russians still use and manufacture today, Russia loves their rocket artillery), and they strap a couple extra hundred pounds of HME to it. Drastically reduces the range and accuracy, but they have thousands of rockets and metric fuck tons of HME to waste so they don't care.

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Heeeey.....I saw a goat button.

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It's almost as if the Jews are trying to coerce people to bombard our website by implying that they're all welcome here as well

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I was going to comment the same thing.

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Nice shot!!!

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I could watch that 1000 more times all over the world

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That missile is an interesting piece of tech. Exploding telephone pole

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Indeed it was quite satisfying ! Loved it! Thank you!

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