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Looks like a train to me.

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Trump is a controlled agent with limited controlled change. No president will save you.

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Profound shit

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Oh, you spamming faggots are still trying. How quaint. Lemme guess, next you're gonna spam some bullshit image collage about the NASA "hoax" and how it's all some big conspiracy because reasons?

Tell you what. Instead, just go to wherever you keep your cleaning supplies and do the following:

  1. Pour one part bleach into a container of your choice.
  2. To that, add one part ammonia.
  3. Inhale deeply.

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So no one bothered to composite in Trump's face on the front of the train? Lazy as fuck, op.

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Fuck your political party.

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Upvoated due to your name.

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thats the under carriage view of me after coffee

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The Donny Dipshit train is taking the corners way too fast, with no engineer in charge.

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How is the swamp draining coming along? I haven't been able to keep up with all the 'winning'.

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As you can see in the gif, the swamp has been moved around a bit..