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Yeah but how do they get the chickens in the chicken wire?

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Invite them to cross the road

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I've been watching for 1 hour an 45 minutes, anyone know how this ends?

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You're getting close

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It's going down to the wire.

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Not sure who is more loopy, you or the machine....., pretty sure it’s you.. , you twisted faggot

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Dude, that totally don't rhyme.

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Camera moving makes me dizzy

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Yeah no kidding. Stand still ya fuck . . .

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but how do they slide and then spin. reminds me of a rubix cube. i need to see the underlying mechanism that allows that to happen lol.

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I just had to use some chicken wire at my moms house. She had me put it around her veggies. I thought the roll just . . . Unrolled, so i spent 5 minutes trying to find an "end" then i just used some wirecutters and made my own.

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Why is it panning?

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Hey thanks! That was fun to watch. Ive always wondered how stuff like this is made. I love huge automated machines. Something so large and precise is built for one single process. So cool!

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Watch How It's Made.

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That show me to sleep.... combination of background familiar rock music and his soothing voice? Zzzz 😪otherwise I do enjoy watching that!

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Damnit why didn't I think of that???

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Edit: It's called a Gabion machine and I was completely wrong about how it works (kinda).

I'm trying to figure out how they get the "dials" to spin. I'm thinking that the underside of both has half a gear on them and a long metal driver pushes, pauses, then pulls on the gears to achieve the desired movement. I would really like to see the exact mechanism though.

It's obvious the wire is pulled upward through the holes by the large metal cylinder with the pegs sticking out of it.

The side by side motion is also a little puzzling as it slides without turning either half of the dials while at the same time being synchronized with the turning mechanism so that it does not prematurely actuate.

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so that it does not prematurely actuate.

That's what she said!

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brilliant stuff

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