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What a dumb fucking cunt bringing her baby out there!!!!

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This video was posted in its entirety a few weeks ago- there's a bit before this clip begins that's even worse. They're parked up next to a pack of about 6 cheetahs, maybe 30 feet away- mom and dad get out and bring their 4 year old boy out to look.

The moment the cheetahs spot the little boy, you can see the shift in their posture- they were now in "stalk mode". The dumbass parents milled about, staring at their phones/cameras, got back in the vehicle, pulled up and parked again- and that's when this gif begins.

Yes, they got out again, and the cheetah pack that was stalking their son caught up to them and tried to get him. Cuck-dad fucking ABANDONS his woman and child and runs, first to enter the vehicle.

This clip couldn't be a better allegory for the apathy of modern Europeans. Just switch the cheetahs out with "third world savages".

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I had a weird reaction with an aggressive animal. My instinct was to abandon my kids to protect my wife. I wouldn't have expected that.

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It's amazing but somehow there are people out there who cannot read a situation let alone animals behavior, no matter how obvious and simple and primal.

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Niggers are their natural food, though.

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not sure they're niggers, but they're frogs so close enough.

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I fucking ADORE this video. Man... just fucking unreal.

There's a whole 6-8 seconds where the kid is running away from its mother, the cheetahs are zeroing in and pretty much just hanging out near the kid. The ONLY reason that kid didn't get dragged away on the first intercept is it's unfamiliar prey, they were unsure of what to do. Then the bitch WALKS to the car, swatting at the cheetahs. I'd feel pretty god damned angry if they got the kid, but also a bit of relief knowing that some genetically lacking human won't be raised by retards.

If I was there and not feeling disconnected through a video, that video would be unusable. I would be shaking, frothing at the mouth, that whole group would have gotten stomped the fuck out so viciously I'd probably shatter both heels when their skulls caved in and just keep stomping. Retards like this is why our world is suffering. We need to bring back eugenics.

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I actually thought it was wise of her to walk while swatting at the cheetahs. The men abandoned her, and animal prey instinct kicks in when running. While she's walking semi calmly while showing mild aggression towards them, they're unsure of her. If she had moved any quicker, I think they would have pounced. But what do I know. The only prey instinct I've ever actually witnessed are dogs and kids, and it was never in a prey sort of way.

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I actually agree with you, I think she did that properly. I would have sprinted and grabbed the kid and ran with the kid ragdolling through the air behind me, or just never got out of the car to begin with.

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That is correct. That was about the only thing that saved her, because those cats were very close to pouncing.

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Speaking of the video, did the guy taking the video try using the horn?

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...downvoted. Some people have no respect for the good comments. Let me correct that mistake with my my own voat of upness

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Thank you.

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Should send that to www.anonymousconservative.com. He'd probably have a few things to say about these people's lack of amygdala.

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Dear blue pills this what you look like with your "refugees welcome" signs.

Too stupid too live

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Those big cat all realized at the same time that those morons are to stupid to eat.

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Part of me really wanted to see them mauled to death. It would be an absolute victory for the human gene-pool.

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Holy shit what a bunch of dumbasses!

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This is what happens when you remove all selective pressures from a species, you get idiocracy.

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