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Probably got impaled by a barbie, clean your workspace you twats.

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Never stand on a three legged ladder. At least get some cinderblocks or something. Or just get a little giant or other proper ladder.

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"Ow my hand" as his friend could've done some serious damage to himself

Hopefully this retarded idea was a product of drinking so that the dude who fell could relax a little better.

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He was trying to hold the ladder as it rolled over the ledge of the railing. It then got crushed in between the railing and the ladder. Chances are he broke his finger. He even managed to grab the ladder after a Chandelier was dropped on top of him by the Darwin award winner on the ladder, so props to him.

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Glass falling onto you like that can cut an artery and kill you.

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Shit. Everywhere.

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0 for brains, 10 for daring, 5 for not sticking the landing

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Pff. White people, right?

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"Hooking up live electrical wires."

Find the circuit breaker box and use it.

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Some of the best and most skilled workers i know do stuff like this all the time. Its how we got shit done before everything became safe.

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