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Did I recently change universes? Why is everyone calling this station wagon an SUV?

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Because the title of this post was probably lifted from reddit where those soy faced faggots couldn't spot the difference between a dildo and and a wrench.

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It's a fukkin unibody station wagon.

SUV hate comes from Prius driving libtard commies who get enraged at the sight of a suburban built on a truck frame.

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I'll wager they could find a dildo blindfolded with their mouth. Buncha Kansas City faggots

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so that's whats wrong with my dildos!

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With modern SUV's getting lower and smaller, that's probably why. It looks like a subie or Volvo wagon to me.

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It's neither a Subaru or a Volvo, it's a LADA station wagon more specifially a LADA 111.

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What you're thinking of are called crossovers. Basically just taller, shorter (length wise) sedans

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Pretty sure the guy in the dump truck bought it too.

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I'll bet everyone died . . .

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Yeah that crash buckled both of the Semi's cabs in on the 2nd impact so hard that they both jack-knifed instantly.

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Nice backing up after the danger is gone

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Fuel spill and ignition from the three vehicles is still a huge danger so...

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There's always a bigger truck.

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omg is he okay?

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Didn't look too serious. I'm sure they're all fine.

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It will buff out

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They all walked away with minor fleshwounds. The cars all exploded like in the movies as they were walking away.

[–] Monkeyblaine 2 points 7 points (+9|-2) ago 

So they just killed that lorry driver? Manslaughter? If they survived they should rot somewhere. Frustrates me so much that someone's stupidity can literally kill others

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I doubt anyone in that car survived. Crushed between two lorries?

[–] YoHomie 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

Good. I just hope the truck drivers survived. I would be sad if the SUV driver pulled through.

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I think 3 drivers bought it.

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This is the first time I've ever seen anyone talk about dying in that manner and your the second person in this thread that said it

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It comes from the phrase "bought the farm".

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SUV? Has anyone never seen a Subaru before?

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It's amusing when you see their asses stuck in ditches.

And then explain to the fan boys that yes Subarus do get stuck and no they can't do everything a Jeep can.

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Yeah had to explain to someone the difference between 4x4 and All-wheel drive is. All I got in reply was "but all you have to do is lift it and it does the same thing as 4x4 man"

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I'm betting China. Those fuckers are next level stupid.

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yes, if you go to youtube and search for accidents in china, you'll see amazing things. Beautiful, wide open streets with total visibility... yet motorcyclists and cars still manage to strike each other in almost zero traffic volume.

It really is quite amazing.

My wife and I watch accidents from russia, malaysia, chile, colombia and all other places we can find, and the Chinese have to have the most gobsmackingly embarrassing ones in terms of paying attention to the road. Russians have the craziest ones with idiot drivers zooming on ice way over speed. Malaysia and Indonesia have pretty good road rage vids.

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Malaysia and Indonesia have pretty good road rage vids.

Down the rabbit hole I go. Thanks.

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