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You should post this in /v/K9SupremacistsUnite

Those dogs clearly have superior maturation to their feline unterpets.

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Awww they broke up the play fight. If they were really fighting the camera man would jump in because it would sound like a murder.

Rats that don't play have a 100% higher chance of developing adhd symptoms which can be treated with riddalin.

I'm so sick of people stopping dogs from play fighting because they think they'll attack a kid. That doesn't happen, the dogs that kill people never play, they're locked in kennels. They raise dogs and prevent them from playing, even with other dogs and then their dogs act insane and they wonder why. The dogs don't know how to play fight nicely but they always want to. They can't tell the difference between suprisement and pain and that makes them incredibly dangerous.

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I, uh, feel the need to point out that those were cats fighting.

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That looked like a play fight to me. Would need audio to know for sure.

Cats play fight really rough but their claws retract.

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Nothing I love more than watching my dog "scrap" with another dog at the park and the dog's owner just standing there like, "meh". We both know the dogs will work it out without them getting hurt.

Also it's easy to spot which dogs are pyscho and keep your dogs away from them.

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or kill the psycho dog.

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Just barged right in. They didn't even ask, "Is anyone bleeding?"

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This is interesting. Dogs who aren't part of a pack will support the alpha dog in a situation like this. Once the losing dog has its belly exposed they will jump in to the fight to help the Alpha. [IN my experience they will nip at the dogs leg etc but not really hurt it]

This looks an awful lot like that, but since it's a cat I am wondering how strong the dogs preference was. It looks like either they know both cats and were just "dogpiling" on the losing cat, or maybe they are friends with the black cat?

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Look at those pussies run!

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Hehe, my vizsla will usually do this with our cats. She looks at me first for permission before stepping in between the asshole cats. I love it.

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mixed race propaganda!!!!

lol no this is funny just fuckin around.

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That dogs like "enough of that shit stfu"

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hahahaha... funny

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