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This is excellent.

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There's a full version as well, if you go looking.

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the cow that died was never touched by the car. She had a heart attack!

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And, if you look from the cameras that were up the street from the collision site, you can see that as soon as the car stops, there are "protesters" pulling out all kinds of weapons and swinging them at the car.

Not to mention the people on Twitter who proudly talked about "scaring him off with weapons of our own" from their position up the street, thus suggesting that the driver was in a state of panic at the threat of mob violence, and he thus acted according to his "Fight or Flight" response by trying to get out of there as fast as he could.

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"My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials.

  Can you say the same?"


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Pinochet did nothing wrong!

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You are wanted over here: /v/EmergencyNation

Yes we built an entire religion/political system around physically removing socialists.

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More than likely they'd be in a zog prison and killed by fremasonic ZOG mossad agents

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Or their fort would be ringed by ZOG mason heads on pikes.

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I have no doubts that if the founding fathers came back they would demand Americans to revolt against the jewish occupied government

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The Founding Fathers would all be in rehab due to stress and disappointment!, They would not be able to understand how their ideals had been corrupted to such an extent.

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The last time i argued with a friend like that over politics i called him dangerously stupid and people like him need to be defeated and embarrassed. He hasn't brought up politics to me since then other than to go out of his way show me his new gun and express his love for the 2nd amendment.

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