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There should be a button somewhere to add yellow stars

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I forget where I read this or even if it's actually true, but he supposedly ad-libbed that mirror thing on Happy Days. First day of shooting he's supposed to comb his hair in the mirror, but he decides The Fonz is too cool for that so he adlibs a "Cmon, I'm perfect".

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I really need to get a new lawyer...

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Casting Scott Baio as the new lawyer was pure genius.

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Everyone told me I should watch this show, because it was my type of humor, and was really smart and unbelievably funny. It was fucking stupid and a total saturation of Jews Jewing.

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The funny thing is, I feel this way about pretty much every show.

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Shameless is great, because it's an accurate depiction of growing up poor, white and in the hood, Game of Thrones is still dope as fucking fuck, Gravity Falls was Rick and Morty minus the intolerable characters. There are plenty of good shows out there, and there are a ton of shitty shows out there, then there are shows that are just about Jews Jewing Jewily, and that's Arrested Development.

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Arrested Development is full of Jewish Supremacist shit. Like how the father played by Jason Bateman keeps forgetting the name of the low IQ shiksa his son is dating.

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I couldn't redpill my friends, so I instead used the looming advent of nuclear war that will be caused by Israel, due to Syria, they then understood why I hated Arrested Development.

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(((Henry Winkler)))

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As a little kid I thought it strange that a little heeb like the Fonz was "cool". I saw hi mas a little nerd. Ritchie Cunningham should've stomped that ass

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I never knew he was a jew. Looking back it makes sense because he used to hit the jukebox to make it play rather then put in a sheckle.

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