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Any goat that can not stand alone is not worth butting horns

I’m looking at you pig faggots.

Fight me.

Let’s talk about honour.

Let’s discuss obligation to society.

Perhaps you perchance explain why you suck faggot union coward dick, piece of shit.

Fight me pig online.

I will never argue on the street..(well I did say “Fucking faggot” to a pigs face not long ago) I know so much about you I have no fear.

Fuck you.

Oh, and to all the new goats......

These goats are harsh, it’s not a sham

Best you run if you don’t eat ham.

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Who is coming now?

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Reddit titty twistered MGTOW.

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I see no evidence of that over there.

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MGTOW not welcome here, we want to encourage people to have white children not hate on women everywhere because you're too ugly or too lazy to get laid.

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Or fat. Many of them can't get laid because they're disgusting fat slobs with no self control.

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What does that even stand for?

Mega gross titties on women?

Martians grab tiny old weniers?

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Many. Two year old accounts with no activity. Then all of a sudden they are experts on Voat.

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So what happens when they find the hundreds of accounts that the nameless king troll started? (A lot are banned but I am presuming he still has a few.)

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That's a sturdy bike

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That brown one there is apparently the comedian of the bunch.

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I sure don't like nigger-faggots. Just wanted to do my part to keep advertisers from coming in and taking over, Before advertisers realize the other place is half advertiser/political bots and people that like to boycott over the drop of a hat.

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The mods on r/news on reddit are the rich nazis if you would ever like to contact them for a funded movement.

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