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Here's a stabilized video: https://streamable.com/dg3r0

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I thought early 60's sci-fi TV like outer Limits had some bad sets and effects when they landed on comets but it appears they were surprisingly accurate.

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Up close to the camera, dust particles backlit by the sun are likely moving around, mimicking the look of snow on Earth. Cosmic rays may also be creating snow-like artifacts on the images. And those dots in the background, that appear to be falling straight down and disappearing behind the cliff? Those appear to be stars, which look like they're falling because the comet is rotating as it orbits the sun every 6.5 years.

It is funny how the article talks all about snow and ice, but there is none of that actually visible in the image (as this small bit of text from the article shows).

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I found it interesting, how there's random loose rocks, just chillin' on it, as it hurdles through space. My first reaction was that of, "wtf? how?", but then I remembered that space, having no atmosphere, would have no wind resistance. So it makes perfect sense that even though it's zipping through space at ridiculous speeds, they'd be perfectly still. Neat.

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I've been to Minnesota in the middle of fucking January... this comet has nothing on that god-forsaken liberal wasteland of a state.

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But it’s a great testament to the determination of people to survive and thrive. Plus, holy shit are the Northern Lights amazing.

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Looks like lots of gamma rays

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Anybody who sets foot on it TURNS INTO THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

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Dust/Ice particles kicked up by launch? It actually looks like it could have been flimed in iceland right at the start of a snowstorm if not for all the stars.

Not doubting its real. Not sure what kind of camera we looking at. I thought the radiowave length ones picked up radiation stuff whereas that just looks like light reflecting off particles kicked up in a more visual wavelength... i think im making sense.

V cool either way.

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nah. it's definitely radiation.

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almost looks like sparks to me

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Can someone explain this? How did they get a camera up there?

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Sure, very easy to explain; It's fake.

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So amazing!! Look at the resolution, the high quality imagery, zero chance this could be fake!! NASA are good guys right!? They're all about SCIENCE and COOLNESS!!

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