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At the sometime they were like "... this is horse shit!"

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Aww. At least they have their blankys on.

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My weekend was similar, that it was freezing rain and not snow.

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Same, almost 1/2" on my car this morning, power lines down all over the region & an extra day off for me.

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Ya i called in and took the day off as well. only 1/4" of ice, but on top of that a dusting of snow for that extra sliperyness.

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I didn't even venture out as far as those horses did. Somehow there's two or three feet of fresh snow everywhere, except there is none on my car. My sons car is buried. My car looks clean and shiny like a summers day

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Sweating in Texas right now but it got down to high 50’s this past weekend in the evenings. Was quite nice.

[–] lexsird 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Not me! I stayed inside and blew buckets of snot out of me and coughed like I was training to get a Gold Metal in the Next Suffering Olympics.

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Hey there weekend suffer buddy!

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Hey!! How ya doing! I was well enough to go shoot a firecracker upside my hillbilly friend's trailer and lure him out. I do this from my driver's seat which is tricky. Ever light and fire a firecracker with a wrist rocket by yourself all in one fluid motion and be accurate with it? If there's no wind, I'm a minor deity with it. If there's wind, I have to walk them in. I digress.

Cough Drops and I have to get the sugar free ones. And bell peppers for OMFG vitamin C. I like an organic vitamin such as fruit because it's not a chemical pressed into a pill. I'm a hippy like that.

The store has these sweet green pepper that ain't so green and they're great serving size for vitamin C. And you can eat a bag of them and lose weight, not bloat up with carbs. Fiber or fibre as they say in the United Cuckdom: Western Caliphate Supreme. The Queen is going to become Islamic and rule as a Muslim. lol Has that happened yet? Fuck. Stop.

K..Everyone read this here. Now you're all mind wiped and are safe.

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By Sunday night I was so sick of being stuck inside, I willingly walked through the snow and wind to the store. It was totally worth it.

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Whenever I'm snowed in I try to go for a walk at least once a day. It's usually worth it.

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On the plus side, you've got a drinking buddy who has the same ideas as you.

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This was how I felt this whole winter

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Same here

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Spring now though!!!

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