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Asian drivers

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My uncle said the most dangerous combination is an asian in a volvo. They know the car is industrictable, and hence they take even more riskier moves then normal lol

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maybe Criminal tried to make to the Ruskie or Indian border cos Chinese gulag prisons are not fun, plus they would probably execute the guy and charge relatives for the bullets. If trying to escape do not flee to Vietnam Border or N.Korea, Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200, life in these places is worse than China

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+1 for being aware of Vietnam's dystopian status. It was bad before the war, and because we did not complete our work there, it is worse now. Poor Vietnamese. Real shame, I love their pho.

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China is pretty nice to visit actually and the people seemed rather happy for the most part.

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Can someone explain in detail what was going on? Was that an actual police barrier attempting to stop a criminal or was it an accident?

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The expanding gate is wheeled and on only one side lightly chained, so I don't think it's a barrier of force, but rather a polite request to stop there.

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Thought so, it seems completely ineffective in actually stopping a vehicle at high speed. So it's just a mobile temporary 'please stop' barrier. Got it. Thanks.

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That's not a police barrier, they're fairly common barriers for communities, parking areas, and just about anywhere you'd expect vehicular access in a city.

Honestly while they're not hard stops I wouldn't exactly trust the quality of a Chinese car to get through them, so for the most part it evens out

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When you forget it's your anniversary and pick up anything you can on the way home, for her gift.

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Looks very effective.

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I laughed way too hard with this one..the title and the video were almost perfect!

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Technology of any kind was only meant for white people.

Jeebus is running out of patience. Move to the mountains, the plague is coming.

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Car just got upgraded to 2x damage against light armor.

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