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This is why I am an advocate against crossfit. Look at the rotator cuffs. Sure he fell and that is the obvious damage. However he is destroying the cuffs permanently. For what, ego lifts.

Do proper form, take time, slowly build up the strength.

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liberal pullups

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Crossfit is a cult. Here's good article about it. https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/a19543547/cult-of-crossfit/

Here's a snip from the full article: More worrisome is the way the CrossFit trainers themselves are trained. "If you have reservations about CrossFit going in, then attending a CrossFit certification likely won't make you feel any better about it," says journalist Bryan Krahn, C.S.C.S., who attended a weekend certification class on assignment for T-nation.com. "The seminars were well run and the speakers were very good. My problem had more to do with the CrossFit ideology itself. The programming doesn't make sense from a strength-training standpoint. The reality is, a lot of guys who go to the gym want to put on some muscle. CrossFit is not the optimum way to go about doing that."

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There is a point to the Kiping kinetics if you're a GYMNAST. It's to generate the most power with the least amount of effort to propel yourself up above the bar. Useful for actual gynmastic athletic events where the point isn't just doing pullups, but actually performing some more elaborate activity.

The problem here is these fucking retards do it to replace the pullup, simultaneously taking away the usefulness of both movements.

They are training something with absolutely no training effect in mind, other than seeing how many you can do. It's the definition of stupidity when it comes to training.

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What the hell kind of move is that?

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kipping pull ups. do not do them

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They toughen your skull and spine more than the standard pullup.

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A super smart, not retarded at all one!

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Cross-fitters deserve it.

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Crossfit is for morons. I'm almost convinced it's an operation at this point to teach people the wrong ways to stay fit and create injuries.

The people that started crossfit have all disavowed it and it was never this retarded until about 5 years ago when they started putting it on TV.


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Wait, he isn’t just fucking around? This is considered a real exercise?

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CrossFit is like the secret menu. No one at Taco Bell knows wtf an “Incredible Hulk” is. But CrossFit is unlocking secret moves in exercise. It’s only dangerous if you don’t trust Crossfit’s Vetting of the move. And it’s secret because secret stuff is better. Like how your car can really go over 70 on the interstate but no one ever tells you.

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ouch. My shins hurt just looking at that

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How could anyone be so retarded that they are convinced that this is a good idea. Did the hebrews do this cancer too.

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