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Pot culture is so fucking gay.

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American mainstream culture is so fucking gay. Pot culture and all other counter-cultures are a breath of fresh air... faggot.

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smoking cannabis is unhealthy

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Spoken like a true juvenile fucktard

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Fry your brain.

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Weed culture hasn't been counterculture since the 80's

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As are whiny little faggots like you.

[–] TinLegionnaire 6 points 20 points (+26|-6) ago 

People have had their lives ruined/ended over less.

Country-wide decriminalization/legalization can't come fast enough.

Use the money saved from not fighting the drug war to address actual problems/threats.

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what a waste of weed

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This isnt 1997 when hydro was gold.

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Most of us Coloradans are bored with weed at this point. The novelty has worn thin. The only people that do shit like this are the tourists, the faggot children at CU-Boulder and the juggalos/black niggers that destroy Civic Center park every April 20th.

Besides, smoking it is for poorfags, wetbacks and niggers. Any white professional is using live resin and/or edibles.

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It's not about your delicate sensibilities, it's about freedom from the tyranny of the prudish ignorant masses. Lives not destroyed by the lie that is 'Schedule 1'. Why don't you whinge about the opioid plague that is being dumped on us by jew big pharma?

Pain pills out now are more addictive than heroin. In fact you could put pure heroin before a junkie and give them a choice between that and oxy and they'd take oxy. Biggest drug dealers of deadly drugs are our doctors.

[–] tendiesonfloor 9 points 0 points (+9|-9) ago  (edited ago)

It's not about your delicate sensibilities

Look at me.

Move out of your faggot state. Don't eat jewpills. You're still in control of your own fate. The junkies dying on pain pills? They're weak and deserve to die. We're better off without them.

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Gotta love the gummy bears.

[–] tendiesonfloor 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Big time. 20mg indica gummy 45 minutes before bed makes for an amazing, restful night's sleep.

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I'd rather have the green dragon.

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I prefer the herb. When I smoke resin or shatter I don't get as high.

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I love a joint.

[–] 5v1soundsfair 2 points 8 points (+10|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Lol, I bet that smoke is harsh as fuck though.

Also ITT a bunch of hypocritical cunts:

"I believe in freedom from the tyrannical governments who oppress us! Except the freedom to do drugs, cause drugs are bad mm'kay." Lmao

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Literally no one ITT said that. You can be for legalization and still think people that lead this kind of life are degenerate retards that are only hurting themselves.

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Actually they did. Please learn to read the fucking comments before defending them redditfag. I know you're used to jumping on the politically correct bandwagon but you're completely wrong in this case.

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Ideally, you should have the freedom to do drugs, but choose to not do drugs, because you're not a degenerate retard. But because we do not live in an ideal world there are laws and shit. Sadly, there's lots of entitlement going on these days. So we get stupid shit like the fat acceptance movement and people crying to legalize drugs, among other things.

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Ideally you should choose to do drugs because you have balls. Avoiding novelty and new experiences in life makes you a faggot and a pussy. Which I'm sure you are.

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How about you and yours all take a long walk off a short pier, fagstain.

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Ideally, we wouldn't see know-it-all faggots looking to make our choices for us.

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This isn't the kind of decadence that's ruined civilizations in the past. There's no signs that the west is headed that way.

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The Chinese character for hemp is as common as those for mother, horse, and questions phonetically and depicts trees drying in a shed pictographically.

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Indigenous people used the plant in these parts and many others long before "the west" got a hold on the plant.

You want to know what "the west" did with the plant? Their governments criminalized the people that cultivated it, the ones that used it, and the ones that found uses for it other than just managing to catch a buzz. Over-indulgence is not an exclusive trait found in indigenous people, nor white people themselves, rather that over-indulgence is a phenomenon brought to people like you and me by none other than the ones running from the light. Gluttony has been a deadly sin for as long as people pondered such a word.

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Dewalt power tools are generally high quality.

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