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Judging by the condition of the cars I'm guessing the first attempt didn't go so smoothly.

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Eeevvvryone's an expert bud, but let's let @BentAxel be the real judge of that.

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For as long as there have been Volvos, people have been jumping them. Those Swedes know how to make a car.

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This makes banjo music play in my head.

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But can you squeal like a pig, boy?

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Confirmed drive as @theBuddha !

He was out driving with pumpkin after bitching about not being able to get spinach in the spinach capital of the US!

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I'm gonna have to talk to my lawyer before I make any additional comments with regards to this subject.

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So that’s why you fed pumpkin to the gators! Removed the evidence!!

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One might say: They did the math.

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So that was cool, but what idiot(s) thought paving that huge dip instead of filling it with dirt and then paving it to make a more gradual slope was a good idea?

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I'm pretty sure it's a skate park

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Ah you're right, I see the ramps to the right, thanks!

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I'm pretty sure YOU'RE a skate park!!!

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meanwhile in russia.....

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Is that a Volvo? Was it actually speeding up after landing, indicating the engine was still running?!

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Yup, good eye. That's a Volvo 244 (sometime after 1981 but before 1988, by the body - though I should probably pause it and take a closer look).

And, a Volvo is pretty much a tank. They take mounds of abuse. I have a restored 1982 245 (the wagon) and I pretty much only use it to drive in blizzards, old dirt roads, or to a car show.

2 - model number. 4 - number of cylinders. 4 - number of doors.

So, the 242 is a 2 door (sometimes seen in old rally races). 244 is what you see there. 245 is four doors and they count the hatch as another door and is the station wagon. There's a 262, 264, and 265. If you drop in (they pretty much bolt in with little modification) a Mustang 5.0 engine, then the brick (the cars are colloquially known as 'bricks' due to their shape and sturdiness) is sometimes jokingly called a 282, 284, or 285.

Volvo has made some 8 cyl. cars, but that model didn't come with them. They actually made some very, very fast variations (well, fast for what they are) in Type R variations. They made some for rally racing and some for high-speed cruising and they did well in the endurance racing circuits.

Sorry that I didn't see your post sooner.

Err... I'm a bit of an automotive enthusiast.

There's a slim chance that it's a Benz as I didn't stop and check the image frames out but I'm pretty sure it's just a 244 - probably from about 1984. It might be the 264, but not many of those were sold. The performance (for the era) of the 4 door model wasn't all that bad and the two door model was even better.

You should buy a brick!

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Have one. ;) Looks like that car might even have a Group A spoiler! Euro plates on the cars so they'd be more plentiful there.

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My grandmother did this 3 times already in a parking lot in Las Vegas

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