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Not useless at all. Practicing motor dexterity. Sharpening the knives.

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Was going to say this. Improving your finger dexterity by twirling a pen like that can help with your finger dexterity for fingerpicking guitar. If he plays, I bet he is pretty good.

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You and I know that there is a hell of a lot more than good fingers to playing, but it sure would stand to reason that he would have rhythm, as well. Now you made me think about playing, so I will go pluck the electric for a few as nobody is home. Thanks- cheers.

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This is a tactic used, in debate, to distract your opponent. I had an Ivy league girl tell me about this.

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Yeah or if you rip that skill out when you are being mugged I bet 50% of the time the mugger will just let the guy keep his shit after seeing that.

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like this?

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Yes, but soooo fake.

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They start like this, then onto the flaming baton twirling while marching down the street in metallic silver short shorts

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He can probably pick his nose like nobody's business.

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I bet they are drowning in pussy.

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It would be a lot cooler if it was a butterfly knife.

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That's what people did before fidget spinner. Reducing fine tuned dexterity to pinching and the occasional flick....

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I'd wager he's a drummer and learned that using drum sticks.

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