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And that’s why folks, diversity hires are dangerous as fuck. That was a trained, talented, in shape individual who saved that child’s life. Not fat, not of meek stature, not afraid of pork, not...

That’s why the best person should get the job, diversity be damned.

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And not a woman.

Or if a woman, one that passes the same requirements that the men have to pass.

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I don’t care what it is, as long it passes the standard.

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Female caught a smaller kid dropped from the same fire.

Capt. Jackie Peckrul told Inside Edition she caught a 4-week-old boy who was dropped from a balcony. -- https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/01/16/watch-this-firefighters-perfect-catch-of-child-thrown-from-blazing-building/

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Holy fuck!

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They do good work, don't they.

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In a word, Amazing. That's intense stuff.

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That’s why firemen unlike cops always get respect.

Sure they are both public union faggots but the firemen have zero hate, they’ll help anyone.

True first responders even before the ambulance arrives. (I live in a complex with many seniors, sometimes they run...sometimes they don’t.....)

Everyone supports firemen for damn good reason, burning to death sucks and so does getting your dick stuck in something....tell me you havn’t read the stories..

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the kid had an afro. nignog parenting style "just make a new one". they probably started the fire.

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This is true of extremely low IQ, impoverished peoples. The actual experienced stress and perceived stress socially (combined with low intelligence) combines to make people have more babies. You find throughout nature that the organisms whose young have the least likelihood of success will always have the most offspring. More offspring = greater likelihood that at least one will fucking make it on chance alone.

Track the correlation of developed societies and birth rates. Smarter, more affluent people make less babies. If you wiped the dindus off the face of the planet, we'd probably level off to a point of being sustainable. Seriously.

This is also why globalists are trying to flood developed, white nations with migrants/refugees. At the same time they are discouraging white birth rates, they are importing millions of people who will birth at rates 4 x (or more) greater, and USE YOUR TAX dollars to fund their welfare. THEY ARE SUBSIDIZING MIGRANT BIRTH at the expense of native birth. Its a systematic way of invading a nation and decimating the native population. Aka, the new colonialism.

Notice that diversity is never pushed in any place that wasn't predominantly white to begin with. Which is always funny to me, because the concept of majority vs. minority requires borders right. These people all push for 'open borders'. If you eliminate borders (hence, context), whites become the staggering global MINORITY. There is never a push to balance black or brown nations with more white. The agenda is right in our faces.

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Empowered Black Mother with no Man to slap this crazy bitch straight AND protect the boy from her...a standard family operating system. Generalizing here, as in generally when you hit the brakes your car stops.

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Well known in biologist circles:


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GREAT. dont let your message die here. print it. post it.

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Reminds me of a joke:

A little gypsy falls down a water well and screams for help. His father hears him and asks his wife: "should we save him or make a new one?"

(Works better with the gypsy accent, poor translation)

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there was an article about african women abandoning their children mid-European migration because "they can just make another one"

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And he literally drops his responsibility off to the white man

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i feel like i dont know if that throw was a good play or not. the catch was badass but i feel like he was there as a precaution not so the kid could be deliberately tossed.

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The child has a lot better chance surviving being thrown than being in that fire.

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he wasnt in the fire. that part was already over.

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Was there a need for that toss? There didn't seem to be immediate danger to climbers. And risking further injury to save few seconds to get kid some CPR even if the kid wasn't breathing seems just stupid.

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Ever been close to a big fire? That shit is hot 20-30 meters away... that kid was cooking and needed to get out of there as fast as possible.

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They were already below the floor on fire, so there should have been some concrete between them and the fire.

But then again the guys on ladders don't seem to be firemen, no firemen's jackets or helmets, look to be wearing hospital scrubs instead. So maybe they were in a hurry and dealing with strugling kid might have felt dangerous too.

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Looked like the kid was struggling. Either way it worked out fine.

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It doesn't look like it, but that kid was cooking.

Ever stood a few feet away from a huge bonfire? Not a tiny pit, I'm talking several whole trees.

It's like that with house fires, you can feel uncomfortably warm 20 feet away at the street.

Getting that kid away from there first is paramount.

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Firefighter's instincts would be immeasurable.

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Odd, the site won't load for me......

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Not even the expando?

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Father of the Year in his glorious moment of calculated child safety in the face of danger.

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