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Something like this happened to me once. Was driving in a bad rain storm on shitty tires, lost traction on a curved part of the highway. I fishtailed, and spun out. I recall thinking "I'm going to die here" as I saw the headlights of the vehicles in front of and behind me flickering all over as I spun...

And then I neatly "merged" into the same lane I spun out of, about 4 cars back. I somehow missed getting clipped by the vehicles in the lane I spun into. It was like God decided to fuck with me, reached down and gave my car a twist with an invisible hand so he could watch a horrific multi-vehicle accident, but halfway through he decided not to kill me and righted my course.

Both drivers in this footage are incredibly lucky!

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He still has to clean the seat,tho.

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Some 'Pick Up Trucks' are simply fucked up, I drove somebody's vehicle one time and it was fucked beyond measure like skating on ice. Some have poor handling suspension plagued by reliability issues, next you get the dumb fucks who try 'customize' their own Truck and make the vechile's problems much worse. The put huge ass wheels with no traction, do huge Lifts making the Truck top next the heavy roll coal, they’re mucking with the air-fuel mixture. They also absorb impacts worse than most cars, turning the driver into spam in a can, and overall design flaws which lead to potential crash problems. Rather than by a cheap nasty Pick Up Truck that looks nice, why not actually buy a Cheap Nasty Van, off road all terrain or real Truck which works and can move your goods from A to B?

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Where did this even come from?

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I'm surprised. I don't know how many times I've seen people just staring at oncoming disaster instead of stepping out of the way.

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Smooth parking job! i like how the guy in the driveway backs up slightly like its nothing :)

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Looks like a chevy colorado. If that's the case, what an american piece of shit, winner of the JD Power initial quality award that lasts until you drive it out of the sales lot.

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The difference a driver actually paying attention makes.

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Kind of looks like he didn't even hit the pole, his tire hit the curb and stopped him, lucky as fuck.

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Dead link

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