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Don't forget; Mozilla Firefox also brought those violent psychotics onto your streets.

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Mozilla donated $100,000 USD to RiseUp, an email service that offers free service to people it deems to share its politics, which is communism.


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That's the only effective advertising I've seen.

Now I want a computer with that keyboard he told me about at the start.

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plz link. What has Mozilla done again?

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I always have to link this for people because their search engines seem to be broken

They gave the money to Rise Up, a tech platform just for activists - mostly antifa. It's a simple way of trying to hide it. Laundering.

After the corporate monstrosities of Silicon Valley were outed as being behind tbe many millions of dollars donayed to Black Lives Matter violence, they started hiding their bolshevik poisons.


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Shotguns with rubber bullets, blast everything on the street with them.

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I am fairly certain the officer on the right who trips on the chair lit him up with non-lethals out of that paint ball gun.

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He at least aims at him but I don't see anything coming out of the barrel

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Batallions of riot police with rubber bullet kisses

Baton courtesy, service with a smile

This kind of win puts a whole new spin on that line.

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What do you have against rock salt?

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Nicely done.

A non-violent solution to a violent situation.

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Oh no, you couldnt be more wrong. Throwing a chair isnt violence because feels, but tear gas is literally hitlering around holocausting innocent protesters with zyklon b.

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Feels like a quote from The Huffington Post

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Wish he had fallen on his head, might have knocked some sense into him.

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They should have their heads cracked up open with batons and any survivors jailed for 30 years.

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Did he.......feel the Bern ?

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don't know if you caught it...

but he actually tripped himself when the leg of the chair took out his right leg

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I don't see Antifa being owned. I see them being catered to and coddled, allowed to run rampant to the complete disruption of public activity with no response, with the only police action coming when the police themselves feel their authority is being tested. The antifa terrorists are advancing on a wall of armed, armored police without fear, without caution, knowing the worst they get is maced, that no matter how brazen they behave, no matter the injuries to the public they cause and damage to property, ultimately they will not see charges, will not feel the bite of a rubber bullet, or a night stick, will not face justice for the myriad crimes they commit, and should the public react and bring that justice, those boys in blue will react without hesitation, with full force, to ensure that said justice is prevented, and those who dared take a stand have their lives ruined for their audacity.

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bingo - upvote for stating the obvious. Looks to me like the police are retreating.

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I seriously cannot wait for those Antifa clowns to come near my town. They will recieve the beat down of a life time. Then I'll violently torture one of them as an example of what happens when you fall for communism.

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I don't believe you.

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That is your decision. If and when it does happens, I'll record it for all of those domestic terrorist clowns to see.

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Dude never had any intention of slinging that chair or he would have let it fly blind with full force. That was a larp to look "hard" while doing nothing but getting hosed down for the cameras.

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I hope that faggot died.

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Nah, the cops were fine.

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i'll take the bait.

are you fucking with @shareblew or do you seriously think the cops were the faggots in that gif?

granted it's only like 2 seconds long, but cops were retreating and antifa kid was gonna throw a chair. I side with the cops in this (very limited) context.

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