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Longer video

Shit, my search found more. Another scaffolding one, they just drop dead.

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Man. Those guys had a death grip on that scaffolding.

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Have you ever been electrocuted?

It’s shocking.

Also, if the voltage...or maybe it’s the amperage....is high enough it forces the muscles to contract and not release. It’s like when someone gets tazed they stand straight up....before they fall on their face

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Pentacostal Revival

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holy shit, that poor guy

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yea seriously, shit hole or not, that sucks...some of these heartless motherfuckers just get enjoyment out of this sort of thing

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Meh... it's just natural selection in action

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Holy crap, that second one, it was a bit disturbing to watch but yeah don't fuck around with high voltage powerlines, instadeath.

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All that vid made me think was if we can cook chicken in 5 seconds with this method in some kind of microwave/tesla machine.

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Probably pretty rubbery m8. You want to slow cook your food at low temperatures.

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All your comment made me think is if there was a tire fire forty miles wide and sky high, burning like a volcano spewing smoke far as Florida and wide as Oprah, how many black people could still smell the chicken ....?

Edit: okay, that might have sounded racist..a bit. I blame voat.

Is it racist because I’m white and I crack myself up, or is it racist because you are a nigger with no sense of humour?

Trick question: niggers can’t read

Seriously though, imagine Hillary Clinton’s vagina for a second.....................

Now I apologize.


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You can actually see his soul leaving his flesh. Cool soul ball.

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This level of complancency (not necessarily stupidity) knows no borders. "Just this one" time turns into "it was ok last time" which turns into an incident.

Do NOT compromise your personal safety for The Man. They wouldn't do it for you.

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Exactly, I'm having trouble feeling sympathy here because this type of accident is so easily avoided with just a little planning and forethought.

But this video (and the other scaffolding electrocution videos- there's a lot of them apparently) should be used as instructional material. Really shows you what being electrocuted is like, how quickly it happens, and how little can be done to help once you've fucked up.

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In welding, safety is by far number #1 rule on job sites, you will be sent home if you are missing even 1 safety item. China doesn't have any program like OSHA.

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That depends on the job. I've been in a manufacturing plant where they had welding leads laying in puddles of water as well as guys standing in puddles welding.

Yes in the US. No, not 50 years ago.

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Gfycat nails it with the link title

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That glow in the back of his neck? Yeah that's not a reflection....



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I blame the educational system. They've stopped the thinking process. Proof!

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So what these people just don't look up? I don't fucking get it, I may be no where near a power line if I have to push something tall I look out for anything that might get in the way or kill me.

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Light emitting dude...L E D

Ha ha ha ha haha !

Epic Scorch!

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