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That was a pin, twice. Shitty refs. It's not like WWE. There's no 3 count. It's a pin as soon as both shoulder blades hit the mat.

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Don't make me pin and rape you, goy.

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Lol, wtf. Amusing!

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ROTFL I can't even! Lolz and WOW, how can this pupper boof like that??

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Like I totally know, right?

Twas my pre-coffee commenting, so forgive me of my faggotry.

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This is Shooting Stars worthy

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Don't forget the internet's retard: Destiny

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Had to watch it a few times because I was watching the wrestlers. And then I saw it.

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I didn't know Prince was once a wrestling ref?

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Anyone care to explain this?

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In greco-roman wrestling, the match is over when both shoulders touch the mat while under "control" of the opponent. This ref is horrible at his job, and was at the wrong side the whole time then ends up sliding accross the mat with his head against the ground in a failed attempt to do his job horribly. Comical. On another note wrestling should be much bigger than football. No head injuries and teaches immense work ethic and self control both mentally and physically. Even in the best shape of my life I was exhausted if a match went 6 minutes.

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Two refs. female ain't doing shit so the guy has to work some magic to make the right call

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The official is skidding himself across the floor to see whether there's a pin by the rules. His actions show dedication to his job.

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