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Streetshitters are so intelligent. /s

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Link saved, for when that Pajeet spammer re-appears.

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There is a list of it's alts on v/StreetShitters.

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Would be a good post for this;https://voat.co/v/KukistanisandPajeets

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This is why minimum safety regulations and education are important. I think instructions on a box cutter are excessive but there is no reason that power cable should have arced

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I'm all for educating people, but this is why safety regulations need to be removed. Imagine how much smarter the world would be if we made it easier for dumbshits like this to kill themselves.

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It was probably not intended to be used on the street for stealing electricity, but it is the pajeet home world.

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Well, at least now they know not to do that again!

This is how they learn.

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Do they not use alternating current? It looks like they just clamp up from a direct current shock. If so that's fucking dumb.

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I was hoping to see their skeletons flash through their skin.