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Jersey barriers don’t fuck around. If you are free dragging your ass down the highway, stay in the middle. However, with that verticle profile, the sail effect was unavoidble. That thing needed a tillerman..

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I understood a couple of those words. Could you please simplify it for those of us who aren't as road competent.

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"sail effect" - because of the big flat surface of the load on that truck, it was very prone to having side winds push the trailer around. This caused the tail of the truck to swing out of its lane and hit something (a barrier? construction material? idk). That caused the tail-axle to snap off.

"tillerman" - some very long vehicles have a second driver at the rear who has a steering wheel that turns the rear wheel. It is common on large fire-trucks that have to maneuver in tight spots (example: see here). Other than fire trucks, the only place I have seen a tillerman is on special-purpose vehicles - missile-transporters, or the vehicles that move rockets around. I have never seen this on a commercial truck, but I think @burns29 was saying that the sail-effect was bad enough that you needed someone steering the back end of the truck.

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This guy trucks.

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Why wouldn't you just lay the damn thing over?

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It is a steel I-Beam. The deflection strength exists when the beam is in the verticle I position. If you laid it on its side, it would bow so badly that the middle would touch the ground.

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I'm guessing it's too wide.

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I love videos of trucks tipping over, because the load goes first slowly, and then the cab is slammed to the ground. That has got to suck pretty bad. 10/10.

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Shame about missing that front drivers outrigger. Sucks.

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Why would you not put down the anchors on the other side?

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Primo shit. Thank you.

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Sped up. Link to original?

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It looks like the driver performed perfectly. He slammed on his brakes the moment the load started shifting, there was just too much momentum for him to stop the accident.

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How the fuck did you guys get video of my kid playing American Truck Simulator?

Do you think they ever stopped laughing?

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Someone got some jet fuel? We'll clean that up pronto.

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That looks expensive.

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That built up section costs about 10k USD by itself because it's an optimized custom built section and because of its size. It now has to be scrapped because of the accident. I once had to send out a beam half that size because I had a detailer miss adding it to the shop plans after reading my markups. He then gave the shop plans to my superior for review instead of giving them to me first and she missed it too. That mistake cost the firm 8k.

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Watching the load tip in the mirror must have been like:

"No no no no NO NO-- WHAM!"

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Why wasn't the driver looking in his mirrors?

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Why was his front tires able to clear but not the back?

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It's dog tracking to the right. He should have been partially in the left lane.

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Would be good commercial for brakes. I always speed up and pass trailers for this possible reason and the other fact of being behind them usually leads to a cracked windshield

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