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Instant Giorgio Tsoukalos.

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I'm not saying it's water, but it's water.

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An excellent demonstration showing that you must break at least two of the four rules before something tragic happens.

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ALWAYS treat any gun as loaded and never point it at anything you don't wish to kill

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His expression reminds me of Hillary!

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Someone should teach this kid how to use a hose otherwise he may never know that murdering innocents is bad.

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He'll probably grow up fearing anything with a trigger now. This is probably what happened to the libtards. It's no wonder they want to ban guns since they don't know how anyone could use one safely. Ban assault garden sprayers and high capacity water hoses now!

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He's looking at the parent in the last few frames. If the parent laughs he'll toughen up and learn from his mistake, and it will be a fun little memory. If his parent makes a big deal about it and asks if he's okay it will be an unhappy memory and he'll stay weak.

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Man I'm starting to wonder if all the angry little tards around here have all been marked by a rabbi.

A lot of anger and a lot of circumcisions going around these days... just sayin.

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I think libtards are the ones that always lost water gun battles, stick war, Nerf battles etc etc.

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You're absolutely right, that kid needs to be muzzled.