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Gender strength gap.

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If women are the intellectual equals of men, why is there a women's chess league?

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I'm surprised the Dad isn't demanding more pay for doing twice the work here. Oh but he's probably not an entitled feminist crybaby.

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Did you assume their gender?

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Smart girl.

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If she was a smart girl, she would've just turned the jar over and hit it once with her palm and opened it herself.

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The way papa was looking at his hand seemed like it was on there pretty tight.

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I have had to teach that trick almost all the girls I’ve dated.

Odd that I can’t remeber who taught me ... maybe a TV show??

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That hurts. That's why she didn't do it and never will.

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Definitely good idea in a panic situation.

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See you blue hair fatties this is a girl with a dad who loves her and she looks up to him as her dad no Matter the situation. You sjw fags will never know this father daughter bond.

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I see an automatic response to go to dad. The man who she assumes is going to have her back, it might be something small in this case, but what I'm seeing is a healthy, happy relationship with a man who's standing there supporting his girl. We can give shit to this short clip, but I'm of the impression that a large portion of the community here believes that this, is exactly the kind of relationship that we need more of in today's rather toxic times.

That's parenting done right in my opinion.

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Stick a spoon under the edge and pry gently til you hear the pop. You're welcome.

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Best way I've found is to put the cap on the hotplate for a couple of seconds (literally just two to three, that's all it needs).

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Best way I've found is being a man.

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Warps the lid. I did that until I learned the smack the bottom trick.

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She's going for speed, though, and (sadly) anything not used will probably go right into the trash.

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Pound your fist on the bottom of the jar twice.

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Does that really work?

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Hurts knuckles. Use the heel of your palm ;-)

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I'm pretty sure that's cheating

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It's likely it was setup. TV is 99% fakery. %1 fraud.

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Physical removal

So to speak

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