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He clearly went to the Prometheus school of running away from things.

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Have you ever been bitch slapped by a pine? Holy damn

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Go left nigga

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In the wrong direction

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It ends too soon. It looks like the tree is going to come back down and hit him again. I'd watch somebody get pummeled with a tree.

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Get his ass fucked by a branch

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Yeah, I've never understood why people do that.....lol

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Instinct. Serpentine pattern wont do shit when youre running away from a bear.

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I always had a hard time suspending disbelief that fictional (e.g., cartoon) characters would be ~that~ stupid. No longer.

Then again, it does appear to whip down pretty quickly. He might've made it if it were just falling and not snapping towards the ground (watch the top bend back as it meets air resistance, also the rebound). The snapping adds some horizontal uncertainty as well--it sweeps a bit from the wall out.

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Haha! I love how the other guy's all, "Meh, dumbass..."

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