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Any back story on this?

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At about 8:40 AM (Feb. 11th), a tanker transporting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) had Crashed on the side of Beijing-Harbin highway,and the gas leaked out.Then a idiot car driver(blue one) continue to drive the car a few meters forward,and unfortunately lit the gas. According to the official information, the tanker driver get serious burned(TBSA=50%), and the supercargo burned 10%.The other 7 people in 3 cars just has some minor wounds. Read more at https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2b3_1518355434#kjqLwF8F56eYOjEd.99

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Thank you

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thanks for the backstory

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Love how it's so formal and informal at the same time

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Thank you for complete information.

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Hory shit!

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♫ I'm on the highway to hell ♫

(hits reverse)

*now reversed!

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I had it figure out on the second loop wtf happened. Stupid driver rolled right over that gas with a hot engine. Boom! All of that fire down the highway was from where the gas had leaked out of the wreck and drained down the ditch.

Pink top out of the white car broke and run like a pro from that would have been funny if he/she had caught the car and passed it. Cartoon time. Much like this video, omfg.

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You're not really wrong, but it's the catalytic converter which starts fires. Even just driving through a dry field with tall grass can start a fire.

A catalytic converter operates normally between 550 and 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit with the optimal temperature being about 806 degrees

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Can confirm. Lost a truck by getting it stuck in a field. The catalytic converter got hot catching the grass under the truck on fire

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In the core. The exhaust pipe just upstream of it is going to be at least slightly hotter.

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That easily exceeds the autoignition temperature of most petroleum compositions. No spark required.

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The moron running out of the white car is the best part. In what fuckin' universe would it have not been faster to reverse? Further more, if you're running from the flames, wouldn't the opposite direction be better? The highway barrier is only a few feet tall lol why run parallel to the massive hell flames? Retards...

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The guy just watched a car explode a few feet away, maybe he thought it wouldn't be a good idea to operate an internal combustion engine after watching one explode. Also probably not a great idea to run across a fucking highway...

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After an explosion like that would the engine run being deprived of oxygen?

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He has at least one car behind him blocking him and doesn't know how fast that car is going to back up. Your own car is also potentially a fire bomb now. I would have done exactly the same thing.

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probably one that sees another car right up its arse despite having hazard lights on...

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You can see the guy in the car that lit it off get out!

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What a jaw-dropping video dude

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Holy... It's remarkable to think about all the relatively simple and idiotic ways your life can end on any given day.

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*in China. These things don't usually happen in the West.

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I fail to see how this couldn't happen here in the west.

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Fire always moves in such interesting ways.

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China. Video source

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Holy crap, that was awesome. You could see the mirage effect along the left side of the black car as the gasoline began to diesel from the ambient heat off the engine. That's just awesome.

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