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thank good for those safety harnesses. if it was China or another 3rd world country they'd either not have them, or they'd be so low quality that they would have snapped.

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If it's a real construction site, they do have safety equipment. It's the farmer Chans that dont have safety equipment. Yes I do hold a construction working permit.

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Evil fucking government regulations holding back the free market again.

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if it was china the scaffold would have been bamboo and it would have bounced off!

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That's because China is more capitalistic than the US.

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of all the retarded things I've read this week that is by far in the top 5.
only Hong Kong is capitalistic, and only because it use to be a British colony. the rest of the country is communist.

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It's because the value of a human life is extremely low in China.

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Damn those safety harnesses! Now I have to worry about those men raping my daughters!

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"For every dollar a man makes, a woman only makes 85 cents." - some bitch in an office.

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Not only that but look how dirty it is there. You got wet concrete on that beam, wet concrete on their scaffold, so they're wearing rubber boots which feel like cereal bowls when you step into them. No female could do this. You'd be nuts to tell a female to do this because, well because they can't since it's just too physical.

But since we're all equal, some girl is getting paid the same amount doing pre-fab at some table away from all the action.

I'm sure they just shook it off and kept on truckin'.

Falls are the number one killer in construction.

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One construction job I was on long ago got a visit from EEO. Had to hire females to fill a quota. The girls got paid the same $10.00 per hour as the men, but instead of setting creosote piles, filling dump trucks with coral rock, working with sledge hammers and shovels, they were assigned traffic flagging and safety watch. God damn it, did that piss off the whole crew.

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How dare you! I deserve to be a billionaire for all the office work I do!

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Looks like they predicted the problem and tied a rope to the beam so that they could pull the falling beam away from the scaffolding.

Just looks like they should have tied the rope to the other end of the beam.

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That rope actually cause it, and someone should have seen this coming.

What they should have done is had it rigged properly from above.


With another rope on each end going to two groundmen.

Better still, do away with the scaffold and lower the worker on a boson's chair. No rigging needed.

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Shins are obliterated. Not dead though. I guess that's a win.

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the first guys left shin is def burned.

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Good video for safety harness training

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Does this make OSHA happy or sad?

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No one died or suffered serious injury thanks to a significant approach to safety. This should make OSHA proud.

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You don't know OSHA...

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It makes OSHA very happy. Fines were handed-out and training video was created. OSHA is just another taxing body.

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I was sucked in and watched that for like 20 seconds...sheesh!

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Can't fix stupid, who would think this would be ok

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