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Been there, man. I have been there.

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Yep. Same here. Unfortunately, it doesn't get enough discussion/exposure because, well you know, women are always the victim right. But I've been in fights with girlfriends driving where they literally tried to cover my eyes. Used fingernails to scratch at my eyes.

When women get in a corner and get angry, they tend to get violent. Not all. But those women raised on the feminist tit. They are above reproach. Men can't touch them. So when they can't beat you with words, and they feel stupid, they try to force you to get violent.

Because then a cops call is just a second away, and then your life is impacted forever. Howabout holding that over someone's head. Guaranteed, no matter what the arguments are in the OP vid, the guy will get the brunt of whatever is coming legally. Guaranteed.

And it's men who have all the privilege, haha.

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Lol same. I can be an asshole, wait, I am an asshole. But due to my fight training I can't get violent outside the ring.

I've had ex's slap me when I hurt their feelings. Their excuse. Well I had something to say but it wasn't nice... so instead of saying something mean they resort for physical violence. Kind of gives you a look into how a leftist mind works.

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Red pill MGTOW ?

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Why didn't you pick her up?

She's only slightly used, and seems to be ready for a new relationship.

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Only slightly used.


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Couldn't tell whether it was niggers or beaners.

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Look's like it might have been a mudshark fighting her nigg. He's probably trying to leave her fat ass because she's pregnant. She knew it was coming.

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Just a couple of "Dreamers".

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Cannot tell you HOW FUCKING GLAD I AM that I no longer have to deal with shit like that!!! God that gets so fucking old.

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Hey a $2 BJ is a $2 BJ.

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Dont forget the complimentary syphilis

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This guy should slowly start considering a divorce.

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Don't need a T-Bone when you got half a full cow in the car.

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