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God, that can't be good on the ole knees.

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Mine hurt just watching him

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Knees, feet, ankles, back, hips, internal organs, brain... Yeah, I hope he's only doing this once a year or he'll be one sorry mother by the time he's 35.

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Padded platforms.

[–] Justaddcoffee 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

The softer a cushion is the harder the foot strikes to compensate. This is why 80 year old tribal barefoot runners have no leg/back problems and 40 year old westerners who run in thick padded soled shoes have fucked up knees and backs.


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Parkour is one of those things that seems like it'd be useful in theory. In practice, you're liable to break your neck since most things don't get built assuming fully grown adults will jump on them from a height.

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Former wannabe Amateur parkourer here- it’s all fun and games till you sprain an ankle and get performance shy forever after.

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Spraining an ankle? No that's called "realizing you could seriously and permanently injure yourself and deferring to your own better judgement." The guys who snap a long bone in two and can't get back into it after they recover are the gunshy ones.

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Parkour is also one of those things I find to be pretty overrated in terms of "cool" factor. Admittedly, I've seen a few clips in the past where there is a move performed that makes me go DAYUM. For example, they guys scaling up a building using wall jumping (between two adjacent walls). That's fucking cool. Its also killed professionals so there's that.

But overall, when I see a lot of parkour, 90% of what is being done is just running along ledges and hopping. I mean, I guess the idea of getting from A>B in the shortest amount of time is a cool idea, but it isn't the most efficient. Not for the individuals body or energy levels. Maybe its overcoming the fear aspect. I'm not sure if that's an issue of respect or just entertainment value when I see people doing stuff like that. I don't walk away from watching a tight-rope walker with some insane level of respect. I just think wow, that fucker is lucky.

I could be biased just on what athletic events entertain me. But other than some footage of top level pros (like movie studio stunt contractors), most of the parkour I see looks like kids running around on playground equipment. In the OPs video I can respect the sustained level of output required for this course. Jumping like this is very taxing on the nervous system and he is sustaining this for quite a while with parallel jumps. This is one of the examples where I think, "Yeah that's pretty badass." But again, 90% of parkour just looks fucking stupid to me.

And the big question is, was the time and effort put into setting up this course REALLY worth it. I mean, really. If one of the setup guys was watching and 10 minutes later it was all done, I bet he was like "I just spent 3 fucking days building that course. Hope you had fun faggot."

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Parkour as a method of transit is unnecessary and impractical no matter how you slice it. That's not what it's about though. It's about moving through an urban environment in a way that it wasn't designed for, or even designed to prevent. It's an expression of freedom, if you will; by engaging in freedom of movement in a city they illustrate their freedom from the culture of the city-space. The people who watch it are those who desire that type of freedom but lack the physical abilities and skills necessary to do it, rather than people interested in athletic feats in general.

That said it's completely fucking insane and you shouldn't do it, but I say the same thing about bouldering and that's pretty popular. So clearly no one asked me.

This, however, appears to be a kind of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR, not to be confused with Optical Character Recognition, which is programming computers to parse letters.) This is probably a competition and the organizers/builders likely even made money off of it.

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My creaky knees were weeping while I was watching this.

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Wow, just wow

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What is there to get?

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The joke that is the title

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I experienced pain in my bones from watching this.

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Where is this?

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By the wide eyed Asians standing around, I'd guess China.

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Looks like Tai Mountian in China to me.

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Looks like the giant buddah tourist trap in Hong kong.

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Good for him being able to do this! Wow...

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Legs like rubber bands

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