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Plot twist: Asian family will still pay Sh’landiqua to and her demon spawn to never have to work a day.


[–] Schreiber 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)

That's progressive ideology for ya.

I just can't believe how the west sacrificed so many lives to fight communism but for some reason their descendants turn out to be communists.

It's like these "feels" snowflakes never read about history how communism destroyed societies. Egalitarian and equality mindset is extremely dangerous and destructive because you can't treat different things equally. You don't treat dogs the same as cats because they are of different species.

It is clear that homo sapiens consist of very distinct subspecies if you evaluate intelligence, violent gene, or even just use your eye to observe that some group looked more like apes than fellow human. Then there's the violent crime statistics. Or you can just spend a year in Somalia and let me know if those people are just like us.

The funny thing is that the forefathers understood this perfectly which was why only landowning white male can vote. For some reason that shit was changed, not for the better, but we all know how it eventually lead to white genocide. Everybody else who can influence the ballot from feminazi obeasts, illegals, criminals, lazy homeless thugs, niggers, faggots, etc ganged up on white males who are dumb enough to throw away their privilege.


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Very well put. A time machine would certainly come in handy right about now. Or a good healthy, fashy army.